Solar Water Geysers

Hot water is required for many purposes and the sun can be used effectively, efficiently and economically to provide this heat. The warming effect of solar radiation is obvious and it is well known that a container of cold water, left exposed to the sun will be raised in temperature. Solar water heating systems are designed to make convenient use of this phenomenon.

Solar water heaters use solar energy to heat water for a variety of uses, including home, businesses and industrial uses. Swimming pools heating, under-flooring heating, space heating or cooling are other possible uses of solar thermal energy. Mainly there are Pressurized and Non pressurized water heater ranging from 100Lit - 400Lit of capacity . Equipped with high efficiency three metal target absorbing layer vacuum glass tubes, and having galvanized steel frame, suitable for flat roof and over roof ridge

Benefits and Features

(1) Hot water throughout the life.
(2) Cut your bills.
(3) Cut your carbon footprint help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
(4) Very cost effective for Nothern regions of KPK