SolaR Fridge and Freezers

Solar refrigerators and solar freezers have surged in popularity because these solar appliances are particularly useful in remote area's with inaccessible energy supply as well as for isolated locations and effective for aid work or emergency relief. Due to remote locations and inaccessible energy supply, people face storage challenges in safely storing food supplies, agricultural products, medical supplies and freezing products.

Mostly solar refrigerators and freezers are used for storing vaccines and medicines.It can also be used in establishments of hotels/lodges, camps, hospitals, schools, and homes located in remote off grid areas, where there is a need. These are available in various sizes and storage capacities.

Benefits and Features
(1) Silent operation.
(2) Entirely CFC free.
(3) Saves money on refrigeration energy costs.
(4) Food and beverage vendors who have sunshine but no generator or other energy source.
(5) Emergency back up and disaster preparedness.
(6) Ice making without fossil fuels or grid power.