Home Grid System

With Home Grid System, you own an electric company. When the sun shines you store excess electricity in batteries and draw it out later. There is no power utility to fall back on. On the other hand, neither is there a power bill.

A system provides Renewable energy in homes, offices school and hospitals etc by calculating the total work load of appliances and time duration of running of the system.We Provide Off-Grid, On-Grid and Grid-Tie system.Solar Power Trader also provides customized solar system solution for special solar energy requirements.

Benefits And Features

(1) Totally clean, totally green - Bye, bye transmission cables. You are totally free of coal-fired and other fossil-fueled electricity. Your energy is clean and your home's carbon footprint greatly reduced

(2) Home Grid System decrease reliance on fossil fuels.

(3) Powering the outer limits - Off-grid systems are essential for folks who want to live "outside the box", but don't necessarily want to rough it for the rest of their lives. Home Grid System provides that comfortable, country home of your dreams.