Message From MD

"For the last seven decades the ever increasing pollution, acute energy shortage, Pakistan has not exploited its potential of enviroment freindly-alternate energy resources.All most all the developing economies are adopting alternative methods to produce energy.

Pakistan's solar energy potential is also unlimited but no creditable progress in this regard has been made except importing some solar run geysers from China which enjoy 66% of global solar water heating capacity" 

"I appeal the Pakistani Nation to adopt Solar Technology and to preserve energy for a Bright and Green future."


WHY other countries prefers sOLAR ENERGY?

Some Facts through research studies

Solar Energy is an Excellent Investment


Save Money on Electric Bills Immediately


Protect Yourself Against Rising Energy Costs


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Conserve Our Natural Resources
 Work Toward Energy Independence


 Increase Your Home Value


 Solar is Affordable